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  • Unique & Effective Dry-Fog Process
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Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold Removal | Remediation

OUR UNIQUE FOG INFUSION PROCESS is totally effective, completely penetrating and overwhelming to mold, permeating every nook and cranny where mold might have taken hold without the need to "Rip Out & Replace" your walls, floors and ceilings!

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

Some mold is apparent. It’s right there before your eyes, clear as day with that fuzzy looking appearance. In other cases where mold and mildew is in undetected areas, like behind a closet or behind completely dry wall, you will not see it however it can still make you sick. That’s why we offer Air Quality Testing.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting - Business

Sanitizing & Disinfection

COVID-19, the Coronavirus,  is still making headlines across the country. Homeowners, property managers, etc., are taking notice and are being ever more diligent about their disinfection and sanitization process.  Get the kind of clean that only comes from a professional team of disinfection and sterilization specialists.

Areas we serve

At The Mold Assassins, we are proud to offer comprehensive mold remediation services across a wide range of areas, including Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Dunwoody, Norcross, Woodstock, and many other surrounding communities.

Our expert team is equipped to handle everything from mold inspection and testing to complete mold removal and prevention. Whether you’re dealing with black mold, attic mold, or need basement mold remediation, we have the experience and the tools to restore your home to a healthy, mold-free environment.

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Mold Removal Specialists

Call (877) 468-1488 for FREE Mold Inspection!

Albeit a natural substance, mold is not something you want to encounter in your home. It can result in property damage and present health issues to people who are exposed to the fungus. Mold is something that can easily grow indoors, though, so it is a common household problem. You may not even know if mold has grown in your residence because it sometimes accumulates in concealed areas.  Knowing this information, you may feel concerned about staying in your home and sleeping in a house that has mold ― and for good reason.  Schedule your NO-Obligation Mold Inspection!

Why choose us

Totally Effective

Our unique fog infusion process is totally effective, completely penetrating and overwhelming the mold. It permeates every nook and cranny where mold might have taken hold.

Less Expensive

Due to our technology, the treatment is done faster without the need for replacing walls, floors and carpets…much less costly than traditional “Rip Out & Replace” mold remediation methods.

Less Invasive

Unlike old remediation methods that take weeks and sometimes months to complete, our entire process is complete within just a few short hours making your home mold free!


We offer a 100% guarantee! Should mold rear it’s ugly head over the next 12 months we will perform another treatment of your entire facility AT NO CHARGE! (We’ve never had to return!)

Who We Serve

Home & Office

Ensure a healthy environment for your family and colleagues with our comprehensive mold inspection and remediation services. We offer tailored solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, focusing on safety and long-term protection.

Real Estate Professionals

Enhance the value of your properties by partnering with us for thorough mold inspections and remediation. We provide detailed reports and effective solutions that address mold issues swiftly, ensuring properties are market-ready and appealing.

Property Managers

Maintain the integrity of your properties and ensure tenant satisfaction with our proactive mold management services. We offer regular inspections and prompt remediation to tackle mold issues before they escalate.Count on us to keep your properties mold-free

New Home Builders

Ensure your new constructions are mold-free and safe with our pre-occupancy mold inspection and treatment services. We help you deliver quality homes that meet the highest health and safety standards.

Healthcare Professionals

Protect your patients and staff with our specialized mold remediation services tailored for healthcare environments. We provide safe, efficient mold removal that meets strict health regulations and standards.

Home Inspectors

Complement your inspection services with our expert mold detection and remediation solutions. We provide precise assessments and reliable mold removal, enhancing the value and safety of homes. Our thorough reports help you identify potential issues and offer peace of mind to buyers.

What our customers say

– Bill & Laura
Powder Springs, GA
The team at The Mold Assassins were incredible. They walked us through the entire process explaining exactly how they were going to handle our mold problem and completed the job precisely as they explained. The after-treatment Air Quality test proved the thoroughness of their process! We highly recommend The Mold Assassins for your mold removal issues.

– Bill & Laura

Peter & Lorrie
Milton, GA
Hiring The Mold Assassins was a “No-Brainer”! Instead of having a crew come out and rip my house apart to get at all the mold, the The Mold Assassins LLC team was able to completely remove ALL the mold and ensure our HVAC system was clean, all within a 4-hour time span. The air quality test came back proving that my house was once again a safe and healthy home. Thank you Mold Assassins!

– Peter & Lorrie


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We provide fast, affordable mold testing, demolition-free mold removal and sanitizing & disinfection services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Metro Atlanta.      Results 100% Guaranteed!

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